be concise

11 07 2009

Sticking with the blogging is going to be tough – I knew it.  My only down time is after 8 pm and I am pretty much incapable of doing anything that requires coherence, let alone wit and insight.  It will get more interesting, I promise… I just need to find a groove.  Being a self-pr0fessed perfectionist makes blogging a more than challenging task (can anyone relate?)… while I would love to adopt a stream of consciousness style of blogging, my obsession with using the most concise word is a significant limiting factor (thank you, Mr. Tim Zeman, my high school English teacher). (I have re-written this paragraph 5 times and am still not satisfied – what is another word for “using”??) – oh wait, I should have said “… my relentless pursuit of the most concise word…”  See what I mean?

My objective is to be focused and intentional… I am still working out in my head what that means.  A seasoned blogger has advised me to simply write about my experiences initially (to which I give her props, she is amazing at turning the mundane into the sublime) – I do want my blog to have a “shape” – which is hopefully not too square.


my first blog

7 07 2009

It’s my first blog…. ever.  I won’t be profound (hardly ever).  I just want to see how I sound on blog.  You know how you always sound different than you think you sound when you hear an audio recording of yourself.  Testing, testing, 1-2-3.  Is this thing on?

I’m excited about the prospect of blogging.  I don’t know how I’ll sound or what will come out.  I think I just want to hear myself talk.

Hopefully I can stick with this.  If I can… more about me later.  And how cool… I see that I can add a poll.  I think I just might.

Good evening, for now.