fusion homemaking

23 08 2009


Obviously, being a “stay-at-home mom,” “homemaker,” “domestic engineer,”  “wifey”… whatever you want to call it (lol) is drastically different today than 30-some years ago when my mom quit her job to stay at home with my brother and me (THANK YOU, Mom!!).  I aspire to emulate my mom… she could sew and cook — she NEVER messed up a meal.  My mom was (is still) perfect.  Honestly, I feel like I can never live up to my mom, although I will always look up to her.  But, because of my mom, I love the idea of traditional homemaking… being an integral part of my childrens’ lives (including friends, school, music and sports), supporting my husband in his pursuits, cooking and baking, cleaning, maintaining and sustaining the household, ministering in the church, being the cornerstone of the family.  I love it — the total nurturing package — exactly what a woman was designed to do.

Fast-forward to 2009 and factor in Hotmail, Facebook, Twitter, digital photography, experimental cooking, life in the “big city” (well, a bigger city than Regina, Calgary, or Edmonton), a more complicated world, a graduate level of education (which really shouldn’t go to waste), changing and challenging views of the Church, mentoring (role modeling?) my friends and peers.

So, recently I’ve been entertaining this idea of “fusion” homemaking.  It requires further definition. But, it’s going to be an interesting journey.




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7 10 2009

Ok, I see where you’re going with the fusion theme! I think I may be in the same boat…but I require more enlightenment! So, please, go ahead, shine your light upon it…

8 10 2009

Fusion homemaker … I love it! Can we get T-shirts? Do I qualify if I hate to cook (except I love making soup, my own special hummus, turkey dinner with all the fixins and the best homemade chocolate ice cream ), am hopeless with a camera, hate gardening (you forgot to mention your incredible garden, Dee) and don’t watch TV?

13 10 2009

apparently i have to make you a few t-shirts: uncool and fusion homemaker – lol, anymore requests? i can’t take credit for my garden, LR… it is the way it was when we moved in… i haven’t touched it except for a spring clean-up – only photographed it! 🙂 what’s this special hummus, hmmmm?

8 10 2009
Jen Hill

Hey Deirdre – I like your blog a lot! And I really resonate with what you’re saying in this post. It is such a privilege to be at home with our kids. And to have so many choices or options to be able to consider the whole “fusion” thing – we live in a time where what we do is not the norm, but thankfully we have the choice to work or stay home or both. But I feel like you do – like this is what I was made for. Not that it’s easy or a breeze or anything like that, but this is my passion, no matter how imperfectly I do it (which is the only part of it that I don’t like about it! I wish my sinfulness didn’t have to effect the kids…). Anyhow, thanks for sharing your thoughts and heart. I just wanted to say I wholeheartedly agree and that I think you are doing a great job or raising two beautiful boys!

13 10 2009

thanks, Jen!! means a lot coming from someone who inspires me! 😀

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