a bad sign… or am i just tired?

5 10 2009

6:15 a.m. and I am grinding coffee beans – a task which I dread loathe.  At one point during the process, I accidentally poured coffee beans into the container of freshly ground coffee instead of into the grinder.  *sigh*  Is this a sign of a bad Monday or am I just tired?

We have struggled for the last 3 years with sleepless nights – neither of our boys were “good” sleepers (whatever that means) until they were weaned.  And, after that, C1 continues to wake in the middle of the night…. every night.  That said, overall, we have many more hours of consecutive shut-eye and we ought to be far more rested now than we were before.  However, I felt far more energetic on 5 hours of interrupted sleep than on 7 consecutive hours.  Weird.

A few things on our plate this week… pre-school, naturally, Mom’s Group at Rexdale Alliance Church, (I’m on snack!  see Today’s  Food for Raspberry Bran Muffins), small group…. and I’ll be “widowed” on Wednesday and Thursday night when Paul heads off to teach Investor Boot Camp and has Business LifeGroup at the church.  Must also make Dotty’s Plum Cake this week before plums wilt.  2:)




4 responses

5 10 2009

Yay I love blogs! More more… I have been planning to write a blog for the longes time, I should get started.
Hmmm raspberry bran muffins, sounds good…

13 10 2009

if you start to blog, Ames, you must share!! 🙂

5 10 2009

I think you are doing an awesome job Deirdre! You seem to get done in a day what would take me a week so cudos to you! Hopefully the sleep issue will be fully sorted out sooner than later. I totally understand how you are feeling. That is weird about the five hours as opposed to 7. Maybe you are one of those lucky people that really don’t need a lot of sleep but spend too much energy stressing about how you’re not getting enough? Maybe you should set your alarm for five hours instead? Too bad I didn’t live a little closer. Those muffins sound pretty good! LOL!

8 10 2009

Dee, the sleeplessness will pass. It feels like eternity right now, but I promise you, it will pass. When Sophie was little, I was a complete zombie automaton from lack of sleep – she morphed into an amazing sleeper and now she’s a teen and can sleep till 2 in the afternoon on Saturdays. IT … WILL … PASS. {{{Hugs}}}

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