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22 10 2009

Krusteaz Apple Crisp mixNormally I would cringe at using a mix for baking … (NOTE: I don’t judge anyone who uses mixes or pre-packaged food.)  But, for me – I have total joy when I bake something delicious from scratch, including my Gramma’s Apple Pie, complete with flaky, pastry crust.

Ahhhh… when planning Thanksgiving dinner this year, the task was monstrous, so (as the hostess supreme) I elected to short-cut a couple of dishes – well, namely one – dessert!

I had a solid review from my cafe latte about Krusteaz‘ Blueberry Pancake Mix.  So, when I spotted the Apple Crisp in the baking aisle at Costco…. I walked past – initially.  It took me a few weeks to actually get up the nerve to cave and buy pre-packaged Apple Crisp (especially since P’s mom was coming for dinner and her apple crisp is the best).

Well – am I ever GLAD that I did!!  Krusteaz Apple Crisp is so unbelievably easy to make – just add butter to the crumble topping package, empty the apple filling package into the pan, and sprinkle crumble topping on top.  Bake for 45 minutes!  It is unmistakably the best Apple Crisp (from a box) you will ever lay your taste buds on!  Kind of has this nice, sticky caramel-ly texture.apple crisp

And – you know what else is great?  With the same mix you can bake a Caramel Apple Cheesecake, a Dutch Apple Pie, and Spiced Apple Bread Pudding.  I love a mix with such versatility!

Check out Krusteaz’ other great mixes for muffins, pancakes, cookies, scones, and even for your bread machine.  I am officially a “mix” convert!




3 responses

22 10 2009

Oh, I used the Krusteaz pumpkin squares mix, and you know that I, just like you, am a from-scratch baker! But they were soooo delicious and easy and quick. So, when we find a good quality product that measures up, we should let others know!

23 10 2009

sold! I’m going to get it next time. How many crisps does the box make?

23 10 2009

2 crisps!! (can’t remember how much the package was)

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