the only thing you need in your makeup bag

27 10 2009

Smashbox Fusion Soft Lights - DuskIf, in the process of getting you and your kids out of the house, you have 2 minutes to yourself to brush your teeth (and floss!) and splash some water on your face…. but, you don’t want to look like a haggard housewife on 3 hours of sleep — even though you feel like one — I want to share with you my #1 go-to cosmetic product.

smashbox Fusion Soft Lights is a bronzer – with 5 hues that work on any skin tone and swirl together for a soft, shimmery look.  AND, not only do they work to give your face a lovely sun-kissed, but not shiny, glow… you can use the individual palettes for eyeshadow and blush as well!

Ever since my wedding day I have loved using smashbox cosmetics… and now that they’re available at Shoppers Drug Mart (and I can strategically get 20x Optimum points when I time my purchases just right!)… they are readily available.

I know that this totally sounds like a gratuitous marketing for smashbox and Shoppers… but, I get so many compliments on my bronzer, I just had to tell you!  If you don’t have time to put anything else on your face, Fusion Lights is all the makeup you need!




6 responses

27 10 2009

their stuff is great… their ‘photofinish’ stuff is AMAZING! but a bit pricey – I have the ‘cheaper’ version made by Quo.

28 10 2009

oh, yes — i do love the photofinish! it’s amazing what it does to smooth out creases around the eyes! 2:)

28 10 2009

sold, again! Don’t think the “flossing” comment didn’t go unnoticed. I’m still on the wagon, 2 days straight!!

28 10 2009

it’s called accountability, my friend. 2:)

31 10 2009

Good to know! Hmm you encouraged Amy to persist in flossing? I should hire you to be in my practice. I sound like a broken record telling people to floss… even the thought of surgery doesn’t seem to phase them….

6 11 2009

flosser here! While my son is doing his before bed pee pee, I floss my teeth and them brush with him before bed. This ensures that I do it every day!

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