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2 01 2010

We happily celebrated the conclusion of 2009 and the anticipation of 2010 with a houseful of guests… 52 to be exact – adults and children, including our own.  What a blessing to conclude a year in the company of extraordinary friends and family!  Each time the doorbell rang – although we were quite certain who was attending – it was sheer joy to greet each face as though we were completely surprised!  We look forward to continue connecting with all of the special friends who support and encourage us throughout the year!

On a personal note, for 2010 my plans include:

  • reading through the Bible chronologically using the One Year Bible Online
  • reading each day to the boys from the Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd-Jones
  • do a few self-studies on biblical topics such as marriage, finances, parenting
  • increase involvement in church ministry, writing for RACreporter and hopefully starting a womens’ running group in the spring
  • grow my hair out
  • play Wii everyday to get some exercise (even if it’s minimal, it’s better than nothing!)
  • start photojournalling
  • model enthusiasm and a positive attitude for the boys
  • continue adventures in cooking!



2 responses

3 01 2010

good list. I’ll hold you to it!

5 01 2010

i agree. really good list.

actually overlaps with some of the thing i’ve been thinking about. also trying to read the bible in one year, as well as read to tamara from a kids bible I have. i would love to hear your insights on your self study on finance, marriage and parenting too.

your list is much more extensive than mine =p

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