new adventure

29 01 2010

You will not believe this… I mean, I can hardly believe it myself.  I am setting out on an entrepreneurial adventure.  Where to start?  Well, at the beginning, naturally!

I have started to transform my digital photography into wearable art… I have two themes that I am particularly passionate about: macro photography (which usually consists of flowers) and C1’s pre-school artwork.  It is the latter that I am very excited about.

Just before Christmas, I had photographed the myriad of paintings C1 brought home from pre-school.  When I started editing and cropping these photos… well, they were simply amazing!  P & I both thought — hey!  These are really good (and C1 comes by it naturally since his paternal grandfather was an artist).

I had heard of Scrabble® tile necklaces — in fact, mycafelatte gifted one to me.   When I started google-ing Scrabble® tile necklaces, I realized that I could make them myself… and to make them my own, use my original photography AND C1’s artwork!  In a mad rush, literally in the days before Christmas I created and assembled necklaces and super-strong magnets for the Grammas and aunts – they cherished having their own piece of C1’s creations… and his artwork for their refrigerators.

After that I thought… hmmmm…. I love these pendants.  Maybe others would love them, too.  ESPECIALLY MOMS who want to preserve their budding Picasso’s artwork in a unique way or gift them to relatives as well.

To organize this little (errr … kind of big) adventure, I have opened up an online shop on Etsy, a community for artisans and crafters of handmade goods.  It’s really an amazing venue with over 170,000 personal shops selling everything from knitted crafts, garments, handbags, jewelry, creative baby crafts, crafting supplies…  you can link to DeirdreSpeak:ArtWorks on Etsy by clicking here.  I’m still filling up my shop and have not completed my Custom section where you will be able to work with me to create pendants and magnets using your child’s artwork or a personal photo… but, leave a comment with me and we can get to work right away!

In light of recent world events, especially the devastating earthquake in Haiti, I also want to engage in the relief efforts… not too easy as a stay-at-home mom.  So, I will be donating 25% of every sale of my necklaces and magnets to support organized relief efforts in Haiti.  I plan to donate through Power to Change – they are currently attempting to meet immediate physical needs for food, water, shelter and basic hygiene supplies.  Donations made up to February 12 will be matched by the Canadian government – so, double the impact!

I’m looking forward to hearing what you think!




3 responses

29 01 2010

Hey Dee,
That is VERY exciting! Congrats on your new adventure! That’s a really unique and wonderful way to preserve all the artwork your kids bring home (we’re JUST getting into that with Noah doing some crafts at the YMCA when I work out).
! Yay!

29 01 2010

Way to go, Dee, I LOVE this idea.

29 01 2010

Congratulations! What a great venture & a great cause.
I’ll have to get out the paints for Bella to paint something….hopefully a beautiful creation to turn into a pendant!

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