6 02 2010

YAY!  It’s February 6… my day!  Naturally, I have to give all of my appreciation to my mom – who lovingly claims that she experiences labour pains each year on our birthdays.  I know that she’s sad that I haven’t been home for my birthday in 11 years.

I share my birthday with Ronald Regan, Rick Astley, Tom Brokaw, Natalie Cole, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Bob Marley, and my cousin Curtis… and I just discovered my friend, Janet!

In Alberta, where I grew up, the cut-off date for going to school was March 1… therefore, I was always one of the youngest kids in my class… only Lynn was younger by a week!

Winter birthdays are a bit tough… I’m not a winter-lover, so winter activities are not exactly on the list of top things I want to do on my birthday… but, it’s a great excuse to head to SBux for a nice latte (which, is apparently gratis on my birthday!) or have friends over for steak and creme brule.

Most memorable birthday – well, most of them are memorable in some way – but, I will never forget my 9th birthday in Grade 4 when my mom brought cupcakes to my class… Mrs. Coreljie’s!  (Darren, Julie, not sure if you remember that?).

Other birthday memories – scuba diving with giant manta rays in Australia on my 30th,  a birthday party with new friends in Halifax on my 25th, many birthday dinners with Kelly & Joan in TO,  skating at the Devonian Gardens in Calgary on my 7th(?), and several birthdays that included Edmonton Oiler hockey games.

This week had wonderful chocolate fondue evening with some of my best girls… we were celebrating the pending arrival of Becky’s second daughter; Paul surprised last nite, having our special friends, Jacquie & Keith over for steak and baked potatoes (and Corey got up for the party); and tomorrow is SuperBowl Sunday… not exactly marked on my calendar, but excited to be gathering with good friends for a party atmosphere.

And today… well, I likely won’t “kick back”… real life continues in spite of this being “my” day – and a Saturday! – both boys have colds, C1 threw up (but, seems fine now), Paul went to an early men’s meeting at the church, there are markers and snippets of paper all over the dining room floor… and very soon there will be a river running through my kitchen because the boys are playing in the sink.  And, I probably won’t be baking a cake… for some reason, I can’t bake or decorate cakes or cupcakes to save my life!  I will defer that to some of my other very talented cake-decorating friends… you know who you are!

Happy Birthday to me and those of you celebrating today!  What joy!  How wonderful!  🙂




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6 02 2010

It’s a privilege and a joy for your dad and I to call you our daughter…you have been an inspiration to us from the moment you were born. xoxo

6 02 2010

Happy Birthday, Dee!!
Love so much from us.
PS: love your blog!

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