productivity tally

13 02 2010

Well, it’s been a typical Saturday.  Reasonably productive – in fact, madly busy (save for the 3-hour nap that everyone in our house indulged in!).  So what is gnawing at me?  I have accomplished virtually NOTHING that was on my original list for today!  Here’s is the tally for today’s activities:

Original To-Do List

  • organize closets (some things are getting out of hand and with the boys getting more into puzzles, cutting, gluing, and colouring, the craft materials and puzzles need a more accessible location)
  • work on presentation – I am giving an OT talk to the Mom’s Group at church this week on posture and upper extremity injuries/pain related to baby care and household activities
  • read a book — I have three magazines, Setting Limits With your Strong-Willed Child, and Lauren Conrad’s new book, Sweet Little Lies, sitting in the cue
  • work on pendants – have to add bails to a custom order I have just completed ( and would love to get started on a new set
  • clean the bathroom (3-year-old little boy – enough said!)
  • tackle boys’ laundry
  • complete my personal binder project – thank you so much for the inspiration from My Favourite Everything; I put together my own little project organizer and I love it!  It just needed a couple of extra touches.

Actual Got-Done List

  • change freshie #1
  • make coffee
  • supervise kitchen sink play (the boys’ new “IT” activity)
  • check emails, Facebook, Cafe World
  • make Original To-Do list
  • empty dishwasher
  • Bible readings for yesterday (oops!) and today (from Exodus, instructions for the building of the Temple)
  • clean up kitchen sink play
  • serve breakfast
  • finished my binder project – it’s very lovely with its personalized cover, dividers and tabs, and the bonus item: a pink plaid binder clip!
  • change freshie #2
  • take inventory of jewelry making materials
  • 3 puzzles with C1
  • supervise cutting and gluing; help to make a Chinese lantern (destroyed by C2 within about 10 minutes)
  • discuss tomorrow’s Sunday School craft with J — but, *phew* she volunteers to handle it and I’m off the hook!
  • bathe 2 boys (and not too much on myself)
  • 4 loads of laundry interspersed throughout the afternoon, including all of the boys’ clothes (woo hoo! and they’re all in the closets, too!)
  • serve lunch
  • sort laundry (P & C1 are passed out on the couch; C2 flops around in the pile of clothes)
  • get bedding back on bed
  • NAPTIME! for all
  • car ride with family to SBux, car wash, and bottle return
  • resume laundry and sortation
  • errr… did not make dinner – P served cereal and fruit to boys
  • pajama boys
  • BEDTIME for boys
  • attempting to organize thoughts for presentation – so much to talk about and I don’t want to overload
  • write a blog to justify the day’s activities



3 responses

14 02 2010

that sounds amazingly full. and i HAVE to find out about this pink plaid clip and organizer. I love assembling so called organizers….actually filling them in and using….mmmm…. not so much

14 02 2010

plus – will you blog about Lauren’s book? I’m curious how she writes. 🙂

14 02 2010

hi, melissa!

i will post a photo of my organizer and the fabulous plaid clips ASAP! 🙂 love my binder!

i read LC’s first book last year… i have to say — i was hooked… great idea — i’ll write a review! 🙂

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