IMG_1687I am being re-invented.

Rookie mom (of 2), culinary apprentice, amateur photographer, domestic engineer-in-training (EIT), novice blogger.

I am on a tremendous learning curve – the steepest curve of my life so far.  Ironic, since I completed a graduate degree one year ago in July, 2008 – you would think that all new learning after that should be a walk in the proverbial park.  But, not so.

Over the next four years, keeping my men alive (my husband and two very little boys) is my all-consuming objective.  But, in the fractional time allotted to me, I strongly feel the need to reflect on my identity and who I will be going forward.

I hope that Deirdre Speak will help me lay the groundwork for a deepened relationship with Christ, the ability to mentor and encourage my friends and peers, and a new business venture, not to mention the aforementioned “extra-curricular” activities.  Deirdre Speak is a personal exercise, but I am delighted to share insights, experiences, serendipitous moments, and hopefully even some laughs with you.


One response

10 11 2009
Wendy at WHDesigns

Hi Deirdre,

Thanks for entering my contest to win tickets to the One of a Kind Show. Considering there were only 2 comments posted by the deadline – I have decided to give each of you a pair of tickets! Congrats! Email me your mailing address and I’ll get the tickets off to you this week.

Take care,

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